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we are able to be taking orders through the pandemic!

                                       Our History ......

We market a range of over 35 different blended cheese, which is still hand made in a little village called Calverley just outside Nantwich Cheshire. Where the cheese has been made by the same family since 1984.


Flavours are added like spices, herbs, fruits and alcohol  to make the cheese more interesting,none of our cheese are waxed.

All sold in a cut wedge of 120g in a pick ’n’ mix range of 5 for £6. Giving us an affordable unique flavoursome cheese range.


We also offer a wheel of eight different individual cheese wedges to create a 9’’ wheel of over a kilo of cheese.


Cheese has always been our first love which has grown over the years learning more and understanding cheese production and the infusion of whey.


We  now concentrate on what we have learnt over the years by marketing our affordable cheese range on different Events and Shows all over England.










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